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I offer a meticulous free CMA in Brush to get your home value. But I’m also here to help you throughout the entire home-selling process. Unlike other resources you may go to, I’ve got more than just skills and expertise to show for my services. Following the analysis, I’ll create an attractive listing, run comprehensive marketing measures, host property walkthroughs, negotiate offers, and close on the best offer.

As the best representation you can get for your home valuation, I’ll run this comparative market analysis to find out just how much your home is worth. But during the process, I may discover areas of your home that could use some upgrades or repairs. Addressing these areas could potentially boost your home’s value as well. You’ll get none of this type of attention by using a formal appraiser or online home value tool.

When choosing me for your free CMA in Brush, you’ll discover that I’ve got the detailed market familiarity and in-depth knowledge you need. A thorough inspection requires nothing less, so I’ll begin by assessing your home’s size, space, rooms, structure, residence type, age, location, and other relevant features. And I’ll incorporate the last three to six months’ worth of current listings and completed home sales.

Comparing all this info to your home is how I’ll determine your home’s fair market value and asking price. As the first step to the home-selling process, it’s essential to understanding how the rest of it will play out. But I’ll be here each step of the way for you, helping you make smart decisions throughout the path to success. I’m associate broker John Chapman, and I anticipate your call today to begin working towards your home-selling goals.

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